Contact Details:

CompuLab Ltd.
17 HaYetsira Street
Moradot HaCarmel Industrial Park
Yokneam Elite, Israel 20692
Tel: +972-4-8290100
Fax: +972-4-8325251


CompuLab Ltd.

CompuLab is a leading manufacturer of innovative energy efficient computers. CompuLab product portfolio ranges from board level products such as CoM and SBC to complete systems.

CompuLab products are embedded in Digital signage, telecommunication systems, automotive devices, gaming systems, medical devices, aerospace and marine systems, and countless other applications.

CompuLab began in 1992 as an engineering consulting company and has made a gradual transition to its own product design and manufacturing. Today CompuLab sells worldwide. Its products are used by international companies such as Sierra Nevada, General Dynamics, McDonalds and Roche.



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