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12 Aba Hillel Silver St.
PO Box 1222
Lod 71111, ISRAEL
Tel: +972-8-979-7766
Fax: +972-8-979-9906


Latent Image Technology

LIT develops, manufactures and markets multiple security technologies involving latent images. The latent images are embedded in a variety of materials which can be provided as stickers, tags and labels.  The images are embedded using a new technology based on the radiation chemistry of polymers.  Utilizing this technology, LIT has the ability to create completely invisible, high-quality graphic images that remain completely invisible to the human eye, until viewed through a standard polarizer. The high-resolution images are highly stable, non-degradable and are impossible to copy or falsify. Since the technology is highly complex and its method of production is strictly confidential, it is ideal for use in protecting authentic products against any type of forgery and imitation. The images can be applied to products or packaging by way of labels, tags and stickers.  Most common applications include: IDs, driver's licenses, passports, music, video and audio cassettes, toys, games, DVDs, exclusive brand names, fashion, cosmetics, watches and jewelry, documents, licenses, pharmaceutical products, warranty certificates, cellular products, industrial parts, etc.


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