Management Team

An exceptional team of individuals that combines expertise in business and finance, technology and law, operations and management, is the core of TechnoPlus' investment acumen and mentoring capabilities. These individuals form the basis for informed decision-making throughout the lifecycle of a portfolio company, from closing an investment all the way to an exit.

Eyal Rosenthal, Chairman

Mr. Eyal Rosenthal is the Chairman of TechnoPlus Board of Directors.

Mr. Rosenthal has over 12 years of experience in private equity and corporate finance. Mr. Rosenthal serves as a Managing Director at the Infinity Group, a private equity growth fund, focusing on cross border investments between Israel and China.

Formerly, Mr. Rosenthal advised the International Finance Corporation (the World Bank Group) on AgTech investments and strategy in Israel and internationally. Prior to that position, Mr. Rosenthal held the position of venture partner at RSG Capital, an European VC and was the Chief Executive Officer of Web 2 Print For You Ltd. 

Mr. Rosenthal was also an Investment Manager at Discount Bank & Trust Co. (UBP) in London and was the Business Development Manager at Clal Industries & Investments Ltd.

Mr. Rosenthal holds an M.Sc. in Investment Managment from City University Business School, London and a B.Sc. in Business Managment  from Hull University.

Mr. Rosenthal is a member of the board of directors of Compulab Ltd. 

Chen Katz, CEO
Chen Katz joined TechnoPlus in 2002 and has served as CEO since the beginning of  2006. Mr. Katz is a lawyer by training (a member of the Israeli Bar), and prior to joining TechnoPlus in 2002, he worked for several years as an associate lawyer with commercial law firms, the last of which was the High-Tech and Venture Capital Group at Danziger, Klagsbald, Rosen & Co. Law Offices.
Mr. Katz earned a European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE) from the Complutense University of Madrid and an LL.B. from University of Haifa, both cum laude.
Mr. Katz has an extensive experience identifying, executing and managing investments in companies and ventures of all maturity levels. Mr. Katz is a member of the board of directors of CompuLab Ltd., D-Led Illumination Technologies Ltd., Nicast Ltd., RapiDx Ltd., TNPV Ltd. and Tripod Investments Ltd.
Noa Matzliach, CFO

Noa Matzliach joined TechnoPlus on 2011 and was appointed as CFO on June 2016. Prior to joining TechnoPlus, Mrs. Matzliach worked as a controller at Automotive Equipment and Vehicles (2004) Ltd., preparing budgets, financial planning and auditing. She has also worked as a Manager in the Assurance Services Department, at Ernst & Young Israel (Kost Forer Gabbay and Kasierer), leading the audits of several firms.

Noa Matzliach holds a B.A. in Accounting, Economics and Management and an MBA with a major in Financial Management, both from Tel Aviv University. 

Mrs. Matzliach is a CPA and is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.

Shiran Revivo, Office Manager


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