Investment Approach

TechnoPlus focuses its investments in small to mid-sized mature and innovative companies that entail very small market and technology risks. TechnoPlus does not look for investments in hit-and-run companies. Instead, we look for companies that are profitable and that we believe will show growth year on year. TechnoPlus sets its sights on companies with a unique technological edge in terms of unique know-how, expertise, leading experts, lead time or IP portfolio.    

The companies we invest in typically meet the following criteria:

Leadership Qualities - companies that have a talented, ambitious and experienced management team.

Market Opportunities – companies that operate in a dynamic market segments that are undergoing significant growth and display a clear potential of becoming a sizeable global market.

Technological Edge - companies with clear & proven technological capabilities and intellectual property (IP).

Strong Business Models - an emphasis on partnering with teams that develop the market and sell innovative solutions that solve tangible problems and meet real needs.

Exit Potential - Companies in our portfolio have the likelihood of an exit through an initial public offering, merger or acquisition within 2 - 4 years.


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